Fuel Facility Maintenance

If diesel is the lifeblood of your site you need to guarantee the availability and quality of your supply to maintain you operations.

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Meter Calibration

When were your meters last calibrated? Our accredited technicians can calibrate all dispensing and receiving flow meters across your site, for flow rates from 40 litres per minute up to 1,200 litres per minute.

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Fuel and Tank Cleaning

Get more mileage out of your fuel, not maintenance headaches. Our experienced fuel management professionals can recondition your fuel and your storage tanks.

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Fuel facility maintenance. Are your facilities up to scratch?

Like all other systems and equipment on your site, your fuel facilities require regular servicing and maintenance to ensure optimal performance. Pure Fuel has the unique skills and experience required to service the broad range of components - fittings, hoses, valves, pipe-work - found in your fuel facilities.

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Meter calibrations. Do you know how accurate your flow meters are reporting?

Flow meter calibration must be an integral part of your regular maintenance program. Our certified, experienced technicians can calibrate your meters to specification so that you can reliably reconcile your fuel usage.

Fuel and tank cleaning. How clean is your fuel?

Diesel has a short shelf life. Contamination from airborne particulates, water, algae and microbial growth accumulate to form sludge in your storage tanks. This leads to poor performance, increased emissions and ultimately equipment failure. Pure Fuel can treat your diesel onsite and clean your fixed and mobile tanks.

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Our Partners:
Reverso Pumps

We are the Australian agent for Reverso pumps

Visit: reversopumps.com


For cleaning tanks we exclusively use Fuelmaster products for dosing tanks to treat microbiological contamination

Visit: www.fuelmaster.net.au


We are a sales and service agent of the complete range of quality Banlaw refuelling components. We provide full product support including on site installation and servicing

Visit: www.banlaw.com

HIS  Hose

We are the NSW service agent for the HIS Hose Loco Refuelling System

Visit: www.hishose.com.au